New Beginnings: Post-Doc at IE University!

1 minute read


Hey everyone,

Fresh off the joy of completing my thesis, I have some more great news to share!

I’ve officially begun a post-doctoral position at IE University. This provides a fantastic opportunity to further my PhD research. If you’ve been following my journey, you know my passion lies at the intersection of Machine Learning, Data Science, and the Blue Economy, aiming to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Now, I get to delve deeper into this passion!

Thanks to the collaboration between the esteemed Fundación BBVA and IE School of Science and Technology, I am poised to work on cutting-edge research that matters. It’s not only about academia; it’s about creating tangible changes in our world through research that counts.

But that’s not all! I’m also thrilled to announce that I am teaching Computer Programming in the brand-new Bachelor on Applied Mathematics. Engaging with young, eager minds is a privilege, and I can’t wait to share, learn, and grow in this new capacity.

While the journey promises to be demanding, I am fueled by the experiences and learning from my time at Universidad de Cádiz. The path I took during my thesis, exploring sustainable fishing and weather routing with data science, has prepared me for this new chapter.

To everyone who has been part of my academic journey thus far - from my days at Universidad de Cádiz to this new beginning at IE University - thank you! Your support and encouragement have been the pillars of my achievements.

Stay tuned, dear readers. The future holds much promise, and I look forward to sharing every step of this new adventure with all of you.

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

Cheers, Daniel Precioso, Phd