Hi, I’m Daniel

Welcome to my website! I am Daniel Precioso, a highly experienced and passionate Ph.D. data scientist. My current research revolves around utilizing data science to achieve sustainable development goals and promote ecological transitions. With a degree in Physics, I bring a unique perspective to my work that enables me to develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

Throughout my over X years of career on industry, I have gained extensive experience in analyzing and interpreting data, implementing machine learning algorithms, and creating models that help organizations optimize their operations and make informed decisions.

As a data scientist, I am passionate about using my skills and expertise to make a positive impact on society. I believe that data science has the potential to transform the world for the better, and I am dedicated to exploring new ways to leverage this technology for the greater good.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile smile I encourage you to take a look at my papers and posts to know about the projects I am enrolled in!

Latest News


  • Canonical Green is the start-up I’m part of, along with my co-founders David Gómez-Ullate and Javier Jiménez.

  • Green Navigation is the eco-friendly Google Maps of the sea! We are developing this tool in Canonical Green to help with the decarbonization of the shipping industry.

  • GOAL (Graphical Methods, Optimization, and Learning) is the research group at UCA I am currently member of.

  • UCA Datalab is a small all-in-one team from UCA - described as “the swiss knife of data science projects” - which I am very proud to be part of. I am also the admin their website!