Innovating Education with Python and Chat-GPT

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Hello dear readers,

As January comes to a close, I hope it has been as eventful and rewarding for you as it has been for me. The start of my year was immersed in research, following my tenure as a Computer Programming professor at BAM which ended last December. I genuinely miss interacting with and teaching my students. My academic path, combined with over five years of experience in software development, has significantly shaped my approach to teaching. I’m excited to apply these insights and experiences when I return to the classroom this September.

In today’s post, I’d like to delve into a recent project that stands out in my teaching career at BAM. I guided my students through a challenging yet exciting venture: to develop a Python program capable of generating specific types of matrices, each adhering to complex algebraic rules. The project wasn’t just about coding; it was a deep dive into the nuances of matrix algebra and the practical application of programming concepts.

What made this project unique was the integration of Chat-GPT as a tool. Contrary to what one might think, using Chat-GPT didn’t simplify the task. The AI’s understanding of advanced algebra is limited, requiring students to critically analyze and guide its output. This approach encouraged them to strengthen their problem-solving skills and deepen their understanding of both programming and algebra.

The success of this project went beyond my expectations. It fostered a sense of innovation and critical thinking among the students, and its impact resonated throughout the school. Recently, the school’s news outlet published an article on this project, a testament to the students’ hard work and creativity. This recognition underscores the importance of innovative teaching methods in computer science education.

For those interested in the technical intricacies and student experiences of this project, I encourage you to read the full interview here. It’s a detailed account that offers insights into how modern teaching methods can blend with technology to enhance learning.